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About Us :-

Golden Ticket Fight Promotions Ltd. was created after a lot of banter between Jai 'The Killer' Herbert, 'Judo' Jaye Haynes, and Daniel 'Pork Chop' Cassell, after each of their amateur fights that they had won they used to tell everyone at Wolfpack MMA that they were the golden ticket, i.e. they were going to be the next big name out of the gym, they especially made a point of telling Sensai John Ashley that this was the case and that they were going to hit the big time, As Daniels Dad I got used to hearing this on so many occassions and seeing their comments to John on Facebook.


One Wednesday afternoon when Myself, Daniel and John had a sit down and an informal chat it was decided that Golden Ticket Promotions would come to life with the intention of marketing and selling of Wolfpack MMA and selling tickets on behalf of the fighters as well as tickets for Golden Ticket Promotions shows. Myself and John then had a meeting with Ashmore Park I.T. and 'Bear' about setting the company up as well as clothing and management of fighters from Wolfpack MMA when they become professionals, it was at this meeting that we found out Golden Ticket Promotions could not be set up as a business name hence the addition of the word 'Fight' was intoduced, 'Bear' then designed the GTFP Logo, with the help of myself, hence Golden Ticket Fight Promotions Ltd was born.


E-Mail:- info@goldenticketpromotions.co.uk

Tel:- 07751918395


Hello I am the Managing Director of Golden Ticket Fight Promotions Limited the company was set up originally with the help of my son Daniel who now helps with the matchmaking side of the business, I am the headless chicken you usually see or speak to on the phone or trying to sort things on show day/night.

I was dragged into the MMA scene screaming and kicking by Daniel after he quit playing football after he became disillusioned with the beautiful game, "I will never support you", "I will never watch you fight", "it's a blood sport it should be banned" yes I have said it all!!!! Then I calmed down.

My first fight was watching Dan fight for a LHW title 84-93kgs, Dan lost on lack of experience and he was never fighting again!!!! After that I watched Dan compete on many shows travelling up and down the country.

 I spoke to Dan about the lack of a professional show in the Midlands from that conversation the dream of putting together a fantastic platform for both spectators and fighters was created. Dan from the day he started training at Wolfpack MMA along with Jai Herbert and 'Judo' Jaye Haynes had always ribbed their sensei John Ashley that they were the Golden Ticket, I had heard this on several occasions so it was an easy decision I am THE GOLDEN TICKET hence the start of GOLDEN TICKET FIGHT PROMOTIOS LIMITED went from a dream to reality.

Guy Mumford - Marketing

E-Mail:- guy.mumford@goldenticketpromotions.co.uk



I started off as a kid doing Judo at my local BJC club under the watchful eyes of Tom and Jackie Gray. I progresses pretty well and did eventually get to my junior black belt. Other sports beckoned and I played alot of rugby both serious and social until injuries and work stopped me playing.  My interest in MMA started when Dan Cassell started fighting as at the time he was working in my restaurant as a chef . I enjoyed going to the shows he was on and decided I could do that and joined Golden Tickets to ride the wave as hard and fast as I can......

Daniel Cassell - Fighter Match Maker

Email:- gtfpmatchmaking@outlook.com



Dan has been involved in Mixed Martial Arts since 2009. Coming into the sport with no previous MMA background. Dan has crafted his skills under the guidance of John Ashley at Wolf pack MMA all the way to a professional level. Dan currently holds a professional record of 1-1-0 and held an amateur record of 10-5-0 earning achievements including British titles and 2014 IMMAF world championships bronze medallist.

After generating a catalogue of friends and acquaintances Dan is also now is a matchmaker for GOLDEN TICKET FIGHT PROMOTIONS and has been involved since September 2015 from the very first show. His knowledge of the current MMA scene and rankings allows us to construct an excellent fight card for each and every show